• To make an effort to bring unity amongst the different Maslak and religious sects by following the Quranic verse (translation: hold fast the rope of Allah together)

[Quran: 3:103].

  • To promote the spirit of brotherhood and harmony among the fellow countrymen by following Quranic verse (Translation: O men! Fear your Lord Who created you from a single being)

[Quran: 4:1]

(Read! In the name of your Lord who created (all that exists).

[Q: 96:1]

  • Education is the fundamental right of every individual and to make an effort and provide to teach and educate everyone.
  • Ownership of Waqf property belongs to Allah. Its protection, preservation, and development is the responsibility of every believer.
  • Women play an integral part in creating an educated and healthy society. The first training school of man is the lap of his mother. Therefore to encourage and urge men to fulfill Islamic and social rights of women.
  • To establish Madaris (religious schools) mosques, schools and institutes and create political awareness together with all the classes of society for encouraging a positive leadership.

Area of Work

Office of Waqf: The government occupies the largest area of land in the country through railway ministry. But Waqf property holds a much larger area of land in the country, which has not only been illegally occupied by others but also the people belongs to own community. Even the government has also occupied Waqf property. Therefore the office of Wakf has been set up for its restoration and development and whose head is Mr Sheikh Ghulam Rabbani.

For every community, its youths are treated as the backbone for its good and welfare. To create a sense of human service and Islamic sense of honour the office of Shubban has been opened, whose head is Qari Qamar Aalam.

Education is the key to development for every community and society. Fourteen hundred years ago the command was issued in hadith.

(Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim (Sunan Ibn Mājah 224). For this purpose, the office of knowledge and education is established.

A large chunk of women (delicate gender) measures one-half of society. Service of women plays an important role in forming a healthy and developer community. Therefore the office of women has been created and Mrs Shamim Masoom is the head of it.

For every Muslim following, the injunctions of Allah and His Prophet is mandatory. Therefore the office of Darul Qaza (Islamic judicial law) has been formed to understand, interpret, and describe and decide the religious, family and social problems of men and women.