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About the Year of Establishment

With some Kindred souls sat together at the residence of Allama Bunai Noaim Hasni in 1989 and pondered over establishing an effective, active and united organization for promoting peace, unity, and harmony in the country, representing all Maslak and people from all sections of society. after a lengthy discussion, they proposed the name as “Ulema Board” whose first president was appointed Sultan ul-Ulema, and Allama Abu Zafar Hassan Nadwi Azhari and general secretary Bunai Noaim Hasni. And senior vice president Hazrat peer w Fakhroo Miyan Sabri Chishti Gaddinasheen (successor) Astan-e-Alia Khawaja Moeenuddin Chishti Ajmer and chairman of Supreme Body of the boad was Shahi Imam Maulana Niyaz Ahmad Qasmi, Imam Eidain, and Juma Shahjahani Shahi Eidgah, Delhi-6. Click here for details

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